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The Pirate Bay Moves To A Completely New Onion Domain

December 7th 2019 2:48AM
The Pirate Bay (TPB) has ditched its unreadable Onion domain, ... If the sale happens, there are concerns that there could be possible policy changes ...

Report Completed Domain Name Sales Here

December 7th 2019 1:51AM
Sales from last 1 month. True//Roots// Sale Price: $130. Inbound offer at DAN.COM Hand registered. Barcode//-//Scanner//.com. Sale Price: ...

Silent Hill Website Domain Now on Sale for Just $10000

December 6th 2019 10:30PM
You can own for just $10,000, because, for whatever reason, Konami has let the web domain go on sale, because, you know, Silent Hill ...

Silent Hill Website Domain Up For Sale

December 6th 2019 10:16PM Apparently it's been for sale since August. Anyone want to pull the ...

Domain Investing News Roundup for the week of Dec 2nd 2019

December 6th 2019 10:00PM
ORG has been in the news quite a bit after its controversial sale to a private equity firm continues to move forward. The NamesCon domain auction has ...

NYT: “Dot-org Symbolizes Neither Quality Nor Trust; False Association with Credibility”

December 6th 2019 7:52PM
... industry buzz surrounding the sale of the .ORG registry to private equity firm, Ethos Capital. Bash the domain in a hitpiece to level the playing-field in ...

Many2many domain based on not-yet-created parent and parent's One2many entries

December 6th 2019 7:50PM
I'm making a module for Odoo v9 that adds custom behaviour to sale.order and sale.order.line models. I made a simple model (let's call it passenger) ...
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